Should Obama spy on Karl Von Habsburg and the EU and not on Putin?

The Future King of the North



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The Book of the Messiah

                                                  Ira of the Lord

                                                                                The First Letter











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MR Ansel Oswald Thompson











Dedicated To My Mother Mathilther James

You told me that I was born with a call to serve God, wrapped up in the robe of the saint at birth, now I know what it means; you too will know what it means. You will see a great lightning in the sky, which means a great Celestial Principality. I love you mother.















It is written that in the late part of the last days (2009-2012) the arrival of the light will end the period of no time (neither day nor night).

















The greatest event which is awaited for by men is the arrival of the Messiah Christ, is the world ready to face the truth? The recognition of and encounter with Christ the Messiah are only possible through the accurate use of the divine keys, some of which are given in the Holy Scriptures.















(1) When the GOOD NEWS is heard in the end of the Earth, then will the end be. The GOOD NEWS is that of the presence of the Messiah in the Earth, such as that of the last prophecy of the man known as the Nostradamus of Argentina, which says that Christ THE MESSIAH will have already appeared in Latin America in the year 2002.        

I come like a thief in the night; no one knows the day or the hour.

(2) He who claims the throne of Christ the Messiah must reveal his secret name which only he knows and its meaning; His name must be fulfilled by the angels of God as it has been written.

(3) Christ the Messiah must be outstanding in intelligence, as he is the Chief Of The Faculted (Chaldeans).He must achieve honors, glory, riches, fulfill the characteristics revealed of him in the divine scriptures and become an Emperor in the Earth.

(4) Anyone who refuses to adore him must experience the lack of blessing, a tree that gets no rain.













 (9) THE ARK                                                         










Men have written and spoken about the geographic Paradise, a garden in the north-east of Africa,   with the Lake Tana and its springs forming the river Nile, irrigating the GARDEN OF EDEN, but the personal Paradise has escaped their view. Adam and Eve, two human beings supreme over all other living beings of the Earth, were created to complete the evolutionary process of the creation by God, God rested in the creation of man.

Man as the creative rest of God was placed above the pyramid of creation and was given power, highness and principality over all in the Earth and thereby man became Paradise .The original man, the root , which is what Israel means , over the line of man in the dominium over all, man in the image of God.

After the fall of the original man and the brightest angel, two angels were lifted up over the highness of men and angels; they became guardians of the gates of Paradise, the entrances east and west of principalities, highness and powers. Man was put out of power, highness and principality, out of Paradise.

An angel was born a man to give a new orientation to the human family .that was the birth of Noah, an ARCH-ANGEL over the end and beginning of worlds .The corrupt world of Adam and Eve was brought to an end by the floods and the arch-angel as the man Noah has given a new orientation to the family of man. Noah as man and the sole head of the new orientation, and his house as entrance into the human race, became guardian and gate of the new orientation of power, highness and principality in the Earth .This is the concept of the guardian and gate of the east of Paradise. His throne (command) was established through the floods as sole head of the royal family, as father of princes.

Man as the creative rest of God assumed his image, having dominium over all in his world. Noah as savior was a fine prince who managed the end of a world and saved the human race and the rest of the living beings, in his ark, which was not just a boat but a monarchy, the foundation on which the royal families of all the Earth must be established.

The HOLY FATHER NOAH is the Alfa, the SUNRISE, the root (Israel) central of all living man in all the Earth today and so SAINT NOAH is the foundation of the saints, holy spirits of the eastern Paradise .Men have underestimated the magnitude of the task of salvation and spiritual highness of SAINT NOAH. I am sure that the task of salvation over which that man presided, in human and ecological terms, is the greatest achievement of the world since the fall of the original man until this day and Noah is the only man who can be truly called savior.

This is the institution of the family with the principal baron, pharaoh as the head, root of the tree and its branches: FATHER NOAH as Israel, PHARAOH SUNRISE.



(2)   CHAM

(3)   JAPHET

Ham is PRINCE OF THE SOUTH, Japheth PRINCE OF THE EAST and the FALLEN, angel and star, Apoleon is PRINCE OF THE NORTH.

The name of eastern Paradise is Egypt, the UNITED KINGDOM OF EGYPT, of the royal families of the east, must be established at the banks of the Euphrates, angels and men in a chain of HOLY AUTHORITY. This is Egypt my people.

The word Pharaoh means Paradise.

To read the complete book Paradise click paradise_file.html


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Here is my view, Jesus mistakenly entered Jerusalem mounted on a donkey like Salomon did at his crowning, in the Solomonic royal display,but there was one problem,they said that he had no mortal father,no royal male bloodline of David,no legal claim to the throne,he was challenged.
He went into the temple and tried to take power and the religious leaders retaliated accusing him of hiding the existence of his real father who was not of the David bloodline palm sunday file.html
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